Today’s customers do not rely on one channel as they use multiple channels and various devices to shop. It becomes inevitable to track their activities and insights across multiple channels and platforms. 

Branch is a cross-linking platform that manages the complexities to ensure your links work across every platform and channel. It provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices and platforms. The increase in mobile users and aggravated use of mobile technology in businesses has led to inaccurate attribution and links. Branch fixes the problem by providing a wholesome view of various user touch points and ensuring that links take the user to the right place on the website or an app.

How to integrate Branch with InviteReferrals:

InviteReferrals is one of the Branch's technology partners that provides you powerful attribution data which you can further use to track the users’ activities in the InviteReferrals’ campaigns.

You are given two options to perform the integration process :

Add InviteReferrals as an Agency: Either you add InviteReferrals as an agency. In order to add Invitereferrals, Login to your branch account and navigate to the account settings. Click on the option "AGENCIES"


   Next, click on Add New Agency, tab, and add InviteReferrals.

Once you add us as an agency, We will handle the whole configuration and integration process all by ourselves. Simply give us the admin access and you are good to go!

Manually add Invitereferrals as an Ad Partner and generate a link: You can choose to do the whole process manually through Partner Managment by performing the below steps.

1) Go to the left side navigation bar of the panel and click on the "Ads" option to navigate to the Partner Management

                                         sign in                                    

2) Now click on the "PARTNER MANAGEMENT" subsection and put InviteReferrals in the search bar.                                


3) In order to integrate the branch with InviteReferrals, you are required to enter the brand id and the secret key. Navigate to the IR dashboard > Profile > Integration to attain both.


4) Enter the credentials and click on the “SAVE” button and you are done with the integration process.



1. Go to the topmost right side of the dashboard, and click on CREATE INVITEREFERRALS LINK. You will be redirected to the below page.

  2. Choose the app only option and click on the continue button to create links.


a. NAME YOUR LINK:  Give a title to your link which would be easier for you to remember.


b. Add partner:  As you give a title to your link, InviteReferrals will automatically show up in the ad partner category.

Next, click on CONFIGURE options.

3.  DEEP LINKING: Add the data that you want to be passed to your app through the created link. The following data is used to configure link functioning such as routing.


     Note: You can add other key or value pair as data which you want to be passed to your app.

4. REDIRECTS:  In case the app is not installed when the user clicks on the link, Users will be taken to the app store or webpage in such a scenario.  You can set redirect URLs from here.         


5. ANALYTIC TAGS: Next, define the analytic tags, you are required to add the analytic tags to filter and compare the performance of various links. Enter the utm_medium, utm_source, and the campaign for which you want to create the link.

Once you define all the three steps, links, redirects, and analytic tags, click on the CREATE LINK NOW tab.


   1. Copy the created link. Refer to the image below for more clarity.                       

2. Next, Navigate to the IR dashboard >Campaigns >Create campaigns. Click on create a campaign and enter the campaign name.

3. Submit the campaign name and you will be redirected to the basic settings of your campaign. Now paste the copied link which you created in the BRANCH account here in the Default Website field of the LANDING PAGE option to track the campaigns. i.e. the clicks and impressions of the users.


Follow the above steps to integrate the InviteReferrals with branch and know how to create a link for your app so that you can later on track the campaigns.