A referral campaign is a new day marketing strategy to spread the word of mouth for your products and services by rewarding the customers for referring to the brand’s products or services. It brings in a lot of profit and is a feasible strategy to expand your business.

InviteReferrals is a referral marketing software that enables you to create a referral campaign and track the events and the referrals as well. You can also automate the rewards and coupons to the customers by configuring different settings in the dashboard itself. An integrated dashboard settings enables you to create the referral campaign, customize its settings, and track conversions on different events at the same time.

Read this article to know more about how you can create a Referral campaign in InviteReferrals.


  1. Navigate to the InviteReferrals dashboard>  Campaigns> create campaign. Click on CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN.

referral campaign navigation

  2. Next, click on the SUBMIT button to move to the page below.

referral program theme

CREATION OF A CAMPAIGN is divide into various categories :

  1. Referral portal 
  2. Notifications
  3. Messaging 
  4. Referral link
  5. Rewards 
  6. Other settings 
  7. Integration.

Now we will discuss each section in-depth. Read further to know more.


In this category, you can create a login screen, sharing screen, and widgets for your referral campaigns. Also, you can choose the theme and assets for your campaign.

Define the variable for the same :

A.Themes: Choose the themes for the referral campaigns by selecting any of the templates as referred to in the below image.

referral campaign theme

B. Login screen: It signifies the screen on which the user lands up to sign up/login for the referral campaign and becomes a referrer. In order to create a login screen, click on the checkbox option of the USE SIMPLE FORM to create a popup. 

Note: You can add both options either simple form or HTML

 i. Assign a heading and description to the popup. Also, insert the banner image link which you want on the login screen

login screen

       ii. If you want to add any slider widget in the campaign, you can add its description.

slider widget


      iii. Login option:  You can choose the login options which you want to display on the pop-up of the login screen. Users have many options to automatically login to the referral campaign like Facebook connect, Google connect or you can take multiple details from them manually.

referral logins

Note: You can add the mobile column on your login screen popup if you want to gather the contact details of the users.

Click on the UPDATE option to move further. Refer to the below image for more clarity.

C. Sharing screen:  It signifies the screen that comes after signing up to the referral campaign where the referrer can see multiple channels through which he can refer his friends.

  i.Create a sharing popup by defining the heading, description, and banner image link.


sharing pop-up

 Note: You can also use the HTML description (pop-up widget) if you want to embed the widget through the HTML code.

sharing screen

     ii. Sharing options: You can choose the sharing options which enable the users to share the referral link to their friends and acquaintances.

sharing options

Click on the UPDATE button to move further.

D. Widget: You can customize your widget from here, set the text color and the background color for the same. In other words, here you choose the text color and background color for the START button on the Pop-up.

referral popup

Note: You can add any custom fields and choose to make the mobile field mandatory. Also, you add the Remember me an option for the LOGIN pop-up. 

Points to remember :

i. Choose the background color, position, and offset percentage if you are choosing the floating button option for the widget. If you want to add any widget to your campaign, you can choose its settings from here.

floating button

ii. Choose the Button text, background color, and position for the SLIDER WIDGET option.

       slide button

     Also, choose to determine the popup size.

E. Standalone campaign page: Click on the UPDATE option and move to the STANDALONE CAMPAIGN PAGE OPTION. You can choose any default image, custom image, or custom HTML image for setting the background of the campaign page.

Note: Standalone campaign is a page that we create for marketing and advertising purposes.

standalone campaign

F. Settings: Next move to the other settings for your referral campaign. Select the language for the pop-up. You can choose the auto-login option for already existing customers. This option is used for the automatic login of the already existing customers.

 i.Custom HTML: If you do not have any sign-up form for your website, you can regard the referral login as your sign-up form. Also, you can track it by adding the CUSTOM HTML codes or scripts.

custom HTML

   ii. How it works: You can add this option to tell the customer how your referral campaign really works.

   iii. Terms and conditions: You can add the terms and conditions to notify the customers prior as to what needs to be taken care of.

terms and conditions

G. Assets: You can create any assets you want to add to your campaign such as any video and banners etc. You can view the created assets in the drop-down as referred to in the below image.

referral assets


You can customize your communications from here which you will be sending through email and SMS when users perform any action.

 i.You can choose the email and SMS medium to send the enrollment emails and reminder emails to the referrers.

 ii. If you are choosing the EMAIL option, you can create your own content and add dynamic tags to create any personalized communication.

referral notification

Note: You can send a reminder email to the referrer to remind them about your referral campaign. You can automate the schedule of this reminder mail by choosing the time span in the SCHEDULE after field.

reminder schedule

     iii. If you are choosing the SMS option, you can send a notification to the referrers when they enroll for the campaign.

reminder sms


You can set up the title, description, and image for the different social media channels as well as for the email invites. In other words, if you are giving options to the referrers to share the referral link to their friends and loved ones via email or any social media channel, you can set its functionality from here.

A. Social messaging :

  1. Give the title to the social media feed.
  2. Assign a description.
  3. In case you want to promote the referral contest on Twitter, you can set the title for the tweet.
  4. You can set the title and description of WhatsApp and telegram referral contests. 

referral social messaging

Note: You can use the predefined or default titles or make your own as well.

B. Email/SMS invite: You can choose the layout for the email or SMS invites via Invite friends mail template. You can choose to send the Email/SMS invites to the referrers’ friends to join the referral campaign. You can create a customized message as well apart from choosing the default layouts. Also, you can pass the dynamic tags to personalize the message.

email/sms referrals

C. In-app invitation: If a referrer has installed your app and further he wants to invite his friends through the referral link. You can choose the default layouts for the in-app invites from here.

in-app invitation


You can set the referral links for different devices and channels to which referees can easily click and be redirected to.

A. Settings: Set out the Url link where the referee will be redirected on clicking the referral link/ referral invite. 

referral links

Note: You can here configure the URL link for mobile apps, sites, or WhatsApp as well.

i.Mobile app: In case you are choosing the mobile app option, you can configure the links for android and ios devices.  In the case of android devices, you can configure the google play store links to enable the referee to redirect to the play store from where he can download your app. In the case of IOS, you can configure iTunes or deep links which are easily configured on a web page. 

mobile apps

Note: You can add deep links where the referee could click on those deep links to redirect to the app directly instead of a website or a store.

ii. Mobile site: Add the link for the mobile site as a referral link where the referees can be redirected and perform actions to win rewards.

mobile sites

iii. Whatsapp: Add the text for the WhatsApp referral link in the default text field.

referral campaign settings


B. Landing page notification :

Customize the acknowledgment notification you want to send to the referee when he comes through the referral link. You can add here the referrer name bypassing the dynamic tag. Also, you can choose the notification type.

landing page notification

  1. Sticky bar:  You can choose this option to send a sticky bar notification which appears at the top of the screen.
  2. Popup: You can choose the POP-UP notification type which appears in the center of the screen.

 C. Personalized referrer code: In this section, you can upload and assign the coupons to the participants of the referral campaign. You can create personalized coupons for the participants and automate them when the users enroll or convert (referrers and referees).

  1. You can upload the unique coupon codes for the participants that can be automatically updated in any of the campaigns you are sending to the referrers and referees.

personalized referral codes

Note: You can upload the coupons in bulk. Also, InviteReferrals will inform you about the left-out coupons so that you can upload more.

ii. You can assign the coupons to the already registered participants, suppose you are running a campaign next month, but the customers who have already registered or participated in the campaign before, you can schedule coupons for them by configuring the date filter.

date filter

Note: You can upload the coupons in bulk. Also, InviteReferrals will inform you about the left-out coupons so that you can upload more.

iii. As stated above, you can use the dynamic tags (unique codes) in the content of the personalized campaigns which can be automatically specified in your pop-up description, invitation mails, enrollment mails, etc. You can also pass the dynamic tags to replace the previous coupon codes with the new ones.

unique code


You can reward the customers(referrers and referees) on different custom events and system events. System events are the events that are already configured in the system such as sale, registration, app installation and referral enrollment. You can configure the custom events in the dashboard and reward the referrers. The rewards are given to the referrers and referees on the basis of basic and tier-based reward systems.

reward sales

Read this article to know more about how the tier reward management system works. 


In this section, you can track the conversions on any event. Also, you can turn off the status for any campaign and notify the customers about your new offers and services which will be arriving soon.

A. Conversion tracking :

  1. Track conversions: You can choose the option to track the conversions on any event. You can track the conversions on the purchase value also by defining the attributes.
  2. Coupon finished: You can choose to stop the campaign if the coupons are finished or stop the tracking of the conversion in such a scenario.
  3. Tracking period: You can track the conversions by defining a certain time frame, but if the referee is coming directly on your site after a predetermined time -period, then conversions will not be tracked.
  4. Enable referrer-specific landing page: This option enables passing dynamic landing pages as parameters for each participant.

conversion tracking

B. Campaign inactive: You can inform and notify the referrers if you are inactivating your campaigns for some time and also tell them when you are going to be back with the new offers.

campaign inactive


This section will enable you to know how you can integrate with InviteReferrals and embed widgets, buttons to your website. In other words, you would be able to know how you can add InviteReferrals to your site.

A. Website:  You can add referral widgets and popups on your website through the integration with InviteReferrals. 

  1. You can use the INLINE BUTTON CLICK option if you want a referral button anywhere on your website.
  2. If you are planning to create a separate landing page or want to embed the referral popup on any page, You can use InviteReferrals iframe and integrate that on your website in the place where you want to show.

website referral widget

B. Mobile app: You can add rules to display pop-ups and widgets on your mobile apps in this section.

mobile app widgets

For example -  Suppose you are creating a REFER A FRIEND widget on your mobile app. You can add different rules for the widgets. Choose the no. of times you want the widget to be displayed and determine when you want to display the widget. Also, you can add rules for displaying a DELAY POPUP. You can add a delay after which the popup will open on page load.

Follow the above steps to create a REFERRAL CAMPAIGN in the InviteReferrals dashboard.