It is essential for you to send newsletters over the emails also keep your customers in the loop whenever you’re launching a referral program.

Before we begin with the article, you should know that a lot of studies have found that to get email views and retain customers over email is the most challenging part. As only 8 people out of 100 clicks on an email if it is unimportant. But it is an excellent ritual to send the email to the customers. 

Let us know when and what to send in the emails to your advocates.

1. Before the launch of the campaign

Whenever you are going to launch a new referral campaign, announce it well and make them know what’s in store for them. Write emails with catchy headers to get more clicks on your emails. A subject line like these (mentioned below) has 30% more chances to get clicks (for e-commerce industry).

  1. We are about to launch something big. Keep in touch.
  2. Rush hour is about to begin. A few hours to go.
  3. Save the date the biggest sale festival is launching soon.
  4. We value your friendship; something big is coming your way.
  5. Free! Free! Free!—exclusively for you.
  6. Have you received your $100 cashback yet?

Note: Never spam your customers with the emails, this will look like an advertisement more than a referral campaign, and this will annoy them, which can lead to the failure of the referral program.

2. During the successful running of the campaign

When the campaign is launched, and your advocates participated and shared your referral campaign, then you need to keep them in the loop by sending them an email on every new update in their referral links on rewards, etc.

Referral Emails such as :

  1. Congratulations, you have received a $100 Amazon coupon. 
  2. Thank you for sharing our referral link, you will receive 10% off on successful referral.
  3. We have got good news! Your friend joined our gang too.
  4. Kudos! You are our top referrer of the week. Congratulations on 50% off exclusively for you. 
3. Post the referral campaigns get over

Now you have successfully completed the campaign. The work is not over yet. You have to inform your customers about it. Tell them that you will be back once again with a new campaign and many exciting rewards. Thank them for participating in your referral campaign.