Adjust offers integrations with multiple partners. You can set up automated callbacks through an integration directly into the dashboard. The callbacks can include the extended attribution and in-app event data on a per-app basis. Most of the Adjust module partners are integrated with a server to server API.

Some of the module partners support SDK to SDK integrations. In the case of these partners, you integrate two SDKs: the adjust SDK and the partner’s SDK to send and receive the callbacks.

Read this article to know how to integrate Adjust with InviteReferrals to track the activities of the users on the campaigns.


 In order to integrate Adjust with InviteReferrals, you need to follow the below step.

1. Go to the link: to navigate to the Adjust dashboard.

2. Now, you can install the links in the relevant fields to integrate Adjust with Invitereferrals and track the user activities on the campaigns.

a. Enter the Adjust app link in the ENTER YOUR LINKS field to track campaigns. Simply add the links which you have received from Adjust, you can add as many as you want.


b. Enter the callback URL to get to know about when a user performs an activity on your app such as the user clicks, installs, sessions, attributes, and other details. For example- If you want to know the number of user clicks on the campaigns, put the link of the InviteReferral campaign and get notified about the clicks. Also, you can track the custom events which you created in ADJUST using event tokens and receive a callback whenever the event happens.

Refer to this callback URL :{ref_track_id}   


Note : Put the secret key instead of the authorised key in the URL. Navigate to the InviteReferrals Dashboard>> Integration


 c. Following this, you will be able to generate the URLs through which you can track the key metrics of the InviteReferrals campaign.


d. Once the URL is generated, navigate to the IR Dashboard> Campaigns >Create campaigns.

e. Click on the submit button and navigate to the basic settings of the campaign. Now, copy and paste the GENERATED URL on the Default website field of the LANDING PAGE section in order to track the key metrics of the campaigns.


 Follow the above steps to integrate Adjust with InviteReferrals and track the InviteReferrals campaign activities.