The best way to connect with the customers and to keep them updated is by sending them emails. Emails are traditional yet meant to be the best source of communication. When any user is enrolled to your referral program they should be updated with the entire ongoings. 

There are two people that are involved in a referral program. One is the referrer (the existing customer) and the other is the referee (customer’s friend who is being referred). There are various types of emails that one can send to keep their referrals/customers engaged and updated.

InviteReferrals uses in-depth analytics to track the referral code of every customer who is enrolling to the referral campaign. Every activity in referral campaign is tracked and emails are sent immediately after every new event being performed by the users. 

Following are the emails that should be sent to both referrers and the referees:

Emails to Referrers 

1. Enrollment Email

These emails are to be sent when any users signups for your referral program. The email should be a thank you email for signing up and should contain all the instructions and procedures that are involved in a referral program. 

Enrollment email

2. Reminder Email

Once a user enrols to a referral campaign some might forget to share the code with their peers, this is when you send your customers a reminder email mentioning the reward that they are missing out on by not sharing your referral link with their friends. 

This below is the reminder email by Alteration Specialists to their customers reminding them to use their coupon code to avail the $25 off offer on their orders.

Reminder Email

3. Reward Email

On every successful referral, your customer might get a dedicated reward. And on every referral, an email should be sent to the referrers letting them know that they have received or will receive their reward soon.

reward email

Emails to the Referees 

1. Invite Emails

The friends of your customers are the referees. When the referrer will share the referral link they will receive an invite in a social media platform. An email mentioning an invite should be sent to the referees. The email should contain all the details of the referral campaign, your brand and benefits/features of your company.

Invitation email

2. Thank You Email

Once the referees’ signs up to your website via the referral link shared by their peers they should get an email. In the email, you should thank the referees for joining the company by mentioning all the benefits and offers they will receive by joining your brand. 


Sending emails is a good practice that every marketer should follow. An email should contain a catchy subject line and detailed information. Learn how to write emails to your referrals