InviteReferrals provides varieties of widgets. Widgets that embed to your page or pops up at a particular time. You can implement such widgets in your referral campaign to increase user experience. 

In this article, we will know about the type of widgets InviteReferrals use. 

Embedded on Page as I-frame

Want a referral program embedded onto your landing page? InviteReferrals provides you with the specific code that you can place on your landing page. When your users will visit the referral landing page. the first thing they will see is the referral program. This widget gets embedded on to your webpage and allows your visitors to directly share the link through their account in your online store.

Embedded on I-frame

Pop-up Widget 

As the name suggests this widget pops-up any time, starting from whenever the user visits the page. This widget is also known as an automated trigger pop-up. The visitor then can sign in and get the referral link to the referral campaign and then further share it with their friends via social sharing platforms. 

Time-delay pop up

Leave-Intent Widget 

The leave-intent widget tracks the movement of the user's mouse, and whenever the visitor is about to leave your webpage, it pops-up with the referral signup. The visitors of your webpage can then sign up as referrers to share the referral link with their friends. 

leave intent widget

Floating Referral Button   

This is a button pop-up that appears on the landing page (or any page you like) of your web page. Whenever the user lands on your page, they will see a button widget on the side panel. As the users click on that button ‘Refer & Earn,’ they will be asked to log in—as a referrer. Once they log in they will see various social sharing options for sharing a referral link. Also, you can customize the link as per your needs. 

Referral Button Widget

Referral Campaign Page

If you don’t have a dedicated landing page for your referral campaign and need one,  InviteReferrals provide you with the same. You get a microsite that is the landing page for your campaign. Also, you can customize the sub-domain with your brand name. 

Your Referral landing page will be very much similar to the image below. You can customize your brand’s name and edit the rest as per your preferences. 

referral campaign
Inline Button Widget

To show the inline button anywhere in the site with your design, You can simply place our code on any button of your page. The button widget is very much similar to any other referral widget. When the customer will click on the refer & earn button, there will be a pop-up of the referral program, to which the user can share further. 

inline button