Through referral marketing, your company’s customers become your brand ambassador by recommending you to their friends and family. These ambassadors benefit in the best ways. Referral marketing is a two-way process where you promote your products to new clients of the same niche as your current customers and in return, your customers recommend your brand to their peers, which benefits you.

Why choose InviteReferrals as referral marketing software for your brand?

InviteReferrals is one of the best referral marketing software in the industry. Want to know why?


1. Increased ROI and Brand Value

The referral program is the best way to retain customers. The more you expose the referral program to your current audience the more your ROI will increase. InviteReferrals create interactive campaigns that keep users engaged and keep coming back to you.

2. Increased Customer Engagement

When you use referral marketing, it makes the user engage more in your webpage and share or enrol in the referral program. And all of this leads to increased online engagement of both your referrers and their friends which may be to collect their referral reward or to purchase something. 

"Increased customer engagement leads to more sales revenue."

3. Progress Tracking

InviteReferrals offers the best in-depth analytics. When you launch a referral program you want it to be successful and reach out to the maximum customers of yours. For that, you need to keep track of the customer engagement on your referral program, engagement, such as the number of clicks or the number of shares the campaign is getting and many more.

Not only it offers campaign tracking to you, but it also serves the amazing tracking to the customers who show them how many shares they have made and conversions they have got. 

4. All Language Campaigns

InviteReferrals are available in 25+ languages, which gives a chance to everyone try this amazing referral program. 

You can get your referral campaign started at any language you wish to. Languages such as Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Latin, Korean, French, Finnish, Danish, Arabic, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Hebrew and many more. Also, it is available in all Indian Languages.

5. Social Media Share

Being in this digital world it is necessary to create a referral program that can be shared in all social media platforms, to make it a successful campaign. InviteReferrals offer this amazing feature its referral marketing software allows people to share the referral program across all social media platforms. 

6. Easy Integration

For creating a referral program you need a team of developers and heavy coding and integration. Who says? In InviteReferrals creating a referral program is a cakewalk. 

We provide you with a JavaScript snippet (a set of pre-made code for referral campaign). With that snippet, all you need to do is to place the code on the footer of your webpage and you are set to go and launch your campaign. 

Also, work with the platforms that you are compatible with. InviteReferrals provides you with the opportunity to work with various different platforms.

Integration Platforms

7. Impeccable Customer Support

The prompt and anytime support on the queries and issues by InviteReferrals team is impeccable. They never leave you waiting in any trouble. 

8. Personalized Coupons

InviteReferrals allows your referrers to share personalized coupon codes applicable to your products cart. So your referrers can share discount codes directly for more conversions.

9. Data Protection

InviteReferrals is a GDPR Complaint Company. We don’t share or collect your data without you or your company’s consent. You have full access to the data of yours. You can ask InviteReferrals to edit or delete data anytime you wish to. 

10. Run Multiple Campaigns

InviteReferrals allow you to run different types of campaigns such as Goal-based referral program, Giveaways or Top referrer contests. This keeps the referral program a hit amongst the customers which will lead to a great benefit for you. 

11. Referrer Leaderboard

It identifies the best and the top referrers monthly or weekly as per your preference. It also identifies the fake influencers that are giving out a bad impact on your referral program.  

12. Fraud Prevention

There might be customers who click on the referral link multiple times or some might create spam by creating different profiles. InviteReferrals captures all such scams and only shows you the unique and accurate statistics of your campaign. 

13. Supports all Platforms

InviteReferrals works across all platforms and devices. Its widgets automatically adapt themselves to the device accordingly. Be it mobile phones, desktops or tablets get your campaign running in all devices.