Creating a referral program is the beginning of getting a strong customer base. If your referral program is interactive enough then you are just one step away from getting a new customer. Do you want to make your referral program a success? Let us know how to.

1. Rewards and Incentives that attract Customers

Your referrers will share your referral if they are getting some benefit out of it. Similarly, if you want your customer's peers to click on the link, you have to make it clickable enough by making it attractive enough so that they get interested in and click on the referral link.

But how do you know what type of incentives attracts customers the most? For that, you need to perform various surveys and use tools such as heat maps and funnel-like customer engagement tools to know their choices and preferences.

2. Make it shareable on all social media

This is the most important practice, to which everyone should swear upon to. As more than half of the people in the world have their accounts in almost every social media platform. Thus, it is very important to make your referral program shareable on every social platform so that advocates can share the link with their friends on the social media they like.

The more the link is shared the more unique clicks it will get.

3. Use convincing and relevant imagery

The foremost thing that one sees in a referral is the images used and the message mentioned in it. If the referral program uses dull and blurry images it carries a minimal chance of getting shared and zero chances of getting clicked on the link.

Captivating imagery showcases your brand well. And a convincing message makes customers click on the referral link and join your brand.

4. Personalized Emails and Links

When you send emails to the people it creates a sense of personalization. Send emails to your the referrers on every step once they enrol for the referral campaign.

Write convincing emails asking them to share a referral link with their friends. As no one deny their friends request right?

Also, let your customers create the custom links to share with their friends. A survey shows that customized and personalized link has more clickable rate than any other link.