Loyalty programs are a great way to strengthen relationships with the customers and gain their loyalty by providing them rewards in form of loyalty points. Customer retention plays a pivotal role in every business, not only it helps you build a customer base but those customers can promote you further.

InviteReferrals enables you to create loyalty program campaigns where you can configure rewards (loyalty points ) for different events such as sales, registration, conversion, etc. 

Read this article to know more about how to configure these loyalty points as rewards in the dashboard and how to allow customers to redeem them.


Customers can accumulate loyalty points as they perform certain actions or events on the site. They can earn points at any events they perform and they can redeem them up to a certain period of time.

Follow the below steps to configure the loyalty points :

1. Navigate to the InviteReferrals dashboard> Campaigns. Click on CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN. You can also edit the settings of the already created campaigns.

   create campaign 

   reward navigation

2. Click on REWARDS to proceed further to the REWARD EVENTS. 

   reward events

3. Select the event on which you want to reward the loyalty points, Let’s say Sale. Configuring the loyalty points enables you to reward the customers with the loyalty points, whenever a customer hits the sale event. The customer can earn loyalty points by redeeming them.

 Define the below fields, if you are choosing to reward the customers with the loyalty points :

  1. Reward: Choose the LOYALTY POINTS from the drop-down menu in the following category.
  2. Point type: Choose the option as per your requirements. Choose the Fixed type if you want to reward customers with the fixed loyalty points or you can choose the Percentage option if you want to give loyalty points on a certain percentage value.

           point type

Note: You have the option to determine the point type only for the SALE event. For the other events, you can simply choose the LOYALTY points from the rewards category and determine the points you want to give as a reward.

4.You can follow the same steps for all the events and choose to reward the customers with loyalty points. For example - if you are choosing to give loyalty points to the visitors who register for any event. You can simply choose the reward type and the points you want to give as a reward. Also, determine the validity of the points as well.

        loyalty points


Once you set up the configuration for the loyalty points, you can create a rule on your site using LOYALTY PROGRAM API to enable customers to redeem the points.


Follow the above steps to configure the loyalty points as rewards in InviteReferrals and enhance your customer retention rates. Provide a better experience to the customers for expanding your business growth.