On the 25th of May, 2018 European Union implemented a policy of GDPR privacy policy. It is a regulation for data protection and privacy policy for all the individuals residing in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Areas (EEA). It replaces the existing Data Protection Directive to create strict data privacy laws across Europe.

Know more about GDPR policies.

In GDPR, there are various policies and regulations regarding the usage of data outside the EU
areas. According to GDPR, every Company out there (Even if it belongs outside the EU), have to
implement GDPR. If not, they have to pay dearly.

What GDPR does ?

  1. Individuals have complete rights over their data. They can modify and can permanently delete the data anytime they want.
  2. All individuals can ask for a copy of their data and have the right to export it.
  3. No one can use any individuals/Company’s data without their consent.
  4. According to the law, you should have some legal reason to use the data.
  5. An individual should always be given a warning that you will be using cookies once they visit your webpage.
  6. There is a law of not to collect any data from children under 16. To remove the data, you can contact the Company and ask them to delete it.

Is InviteReferrals GDPR compliance ?

Yes, InviteReferrals is GDPR compliance and follows the rules and policies given by GDPR to protect the data and privacy of every individual residing in Europe. This policy is for every individual who is visiting our website or is using our services.

Is InviteReferrals GDPR compliance?

How InviteReferrals use GDPR privacy policy as a Retailer (Referral Marketing Software) ?

InviteReferrals is a referral marketing software provider. When you use the InviteReferrals referral program, you need to share your data with InviteReferrals. When it comes to data, there are two parties involved one is YOU—data controller and InviteReferrals—the data processor.

Being the first party (the data controller), you have to take consent from your customers before capturing their details.

As data processors, InviteReferrals have to ask your customers about the data capturing and we will be precise about it. It should be in customers’ knowledge that InviteReferrals is using their data.

InviteReferrals use GDPR privacy policy as a Retailer

How InviteReferrals captures data ?

Let us know how InviteReferrals implements GDPR privacy policy and collects your data.

As Retailers, we will never illegally collect data from other sources. Here is how we capture the data.

  1. When advocates log in, their details in the referral form (voluntarily), we collect the data.
  2. Once the user clicks on the referral link, we drop a  unique invitereferrals cookie on the browser (to identify the referrer from whose referral is this person coming).
  3. We also capture the tracking ID whenever some user registers or gets converted. Following all the guidelines of GDPR compliance.
  4. Also, we capture the details via cookies of the number of times someone clicked on the referral link or visited the website.
  5. When any advocates enroll in the referral form and get the conversion (when the friend of the advocate clicks on referral link), data is captured.

As we say, we will never save your data without your consent. User can turn cookies off anytime you want to, or delete your log data through web settings.

Do I have access to data at InviteReferrals ?

At InviteReferrals, we honor the customer’s privacy. Let us know how you can access the data while using the InviteReferrals referral program.

  1. All the referral data and member data can be deleted and modified any time by the admin (the data controller) from InviteReferrals account.
  2. All your data, which is stored with us can be exported anytime through CSV file.
  3. The advocates’ data can be modified, edited, and deleted anytime.
  4. The advocates, aka the referrers, can be unsubscribed anytime from InviteReferrals account.

For any modification, deletion of the data, or any other GDPR privacy policy, you can contact us at support@tagnpin.com.