SMS campaigns are one of the interactive ways to engage customers with rewards to fetch their loyalty.

InviteReferrals enables you to configure and integrate with Third Party SMS Service Providers like kalyera, Gupshup, and netcore, etc and send SMS campaigns on different referral events such as successful referral conversions and enrollments.

These third-party SMS service providers send bulk SMSes and transactional SMS to the users. Pinnacle SMS provider is one of the service platforms tied up with InviteReferrals who provide bulk SMSes, and other customer engagement services help in sending SMS campaigns on different referral actions.

Read this article to know how to configure the SMS service providers in InviteReferrals.


Pinnacle SMS provider uses the API to further send the SMS campaigns to the users and customers when you fill in the integration details of the Pinnacle SMS service provider. 

Read the below steps for more clarity :

1.Navigate to the InviteReferrals dashboard> settings> Integration.

service provider navigation

sms integration

2. As you move to the INTEGRATION section, view the SMS vendor and select PINNACLE from the drop-down menu.

 sms vendors

   3. Now fill in the other details such as the Username, password, and sender ID of your account. Click on the UPDATE button and you are done with the integration process.

sms vendor credentials

Follow the above steps to configure the pinnacle SMS service provider in Invitereferrals.