InviteReferrals is a marketing software solution that enables you to create referral campaigns, automate the rewards and track the referrals & referrers. Also, you can get an expansive view of the conversions on your referral programs. InviteReferrals lets you export the data of your referrers, manual leads, and conversions for any referral campaign through a simple and easy feature.

Data plays a prominent role in interacting with the leads and referrers with further engagements. Also, apart from collecting the crucial information of your customers, you get an idea of where your business is leading to and how successful your campaign is.

Read this article to know how to automate the export of the data from the InviteReferrals panel.


InviteReferrals enables you to export all the data by creating an automated export and configuring the required details for it. You can receive all the data via an email id by specifying the frequency of receiving it. Also, you can select the time frame for which you want the data for the selected campaign.

Read below the steps to export the data :

1.Navigate to the InviteReferrals dashboard> Export data > Create New.

 export data

export Fields

2. Click on CREATE NEW to configure the following fields :

a. Export type:  Choose the export type, i.e. choose the data which you want to export.

export type

Note: If you are selecting the CONVERSION in the export type field, you need to select the event for which you want to receive the conversion data.

                                          select event 

b. Campaign: Select the campaign type for which you want to export the data.


c. Select the frequency type: Choose whether you want to receive the data for once or on a recurring basis.

                                           Frequency type

i. If you are selecting the recurring type, choose amongst the daily and weekly options and configure a time to receive the data. 

 Note: If you are choosing the daily option, specify the time you want to receive the data.

                                          daily Frequency


 ii. If you are selecting the weekly option, choose the day and time to receive the data on a weekly basis.

                                                 weekly Frequency

 iii. Select the time range for which you want the data on the selected campaign.

                                                        time range

 iv. Select the email id on which you want to receive the data.

                                           email id

 v.Once you have configured all the fields, you can click on the CREATE button. All your created exports can be viewed in the panel as given below. 

                                    created exports


Note: You can edit or delete the details for the export data.

3. Refer to the below-automated export file in MS Excel format.                                                                         



Follow the above steps to automate the export of data in InviteReferrals.